Saturday, May 4, 2013

Shopping Via Bike

I pulled my bicycle out of the basement.  The tires were a bit low, but full enough to reach a nearby gas station.  So I did.  There, I paid 75 cents and filled the two tires to 60 psi, the low extent of the recommendation, b/c I wanted the ride to be a little bit softer than it used to be.

Surprisingly, the air pressure had dwindled to 26 psi over the winter!

Once they were full, I high-tailed it about 2.5 miles to Stop and Shop.  I bought a smaller load of groceries than I usually do, since I only had the space in my backpack for transportation.  I'm proud of myself for transporting six eggs.  I think I'll go see if they're unharmed during the trip.

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