Thursday, October 9, 2014

Activities of the Evening

Bass Stick
  • drilled countersunk holes for battery holder in Bass Stick SN06
    • switch to 4-40 x1 1/2" countersunk bolts
    • stained holes dark
    • darkened holes on front

Electric Eel
  • practiced Christmas carols
  • discovered large amount of packing popcorn - and one kernel of popped corn! -inside body of Electric Eel
    • proposed to replace packing popcorn with a 1/8" wooden screen to protect speaker cone from damage
    • set aside large drill bit and wood material for this purpose
  • Gathered electromechanical data on 4" woofers from parts-express

Contributions to World Health
  • Produced first ten slides in "Low-Glycemic Foods" presentation
    • G:\Dropbox\Research\Low Glycemic Food

  • Learned to use Scraper under Chrome 
  • Learned to manipulate spreadsheets from Google App Script:
    •  Found great book on the topic:
  • Learned to use  d3 "force layout" object

  • - could write books on topics:
    • Electric Eels
    • Bass Stick
    • DSP Programming
    • One-Bit Groovebox
    • One-Bit Drum Machine

  • Shrink Rap radio, Exploring Mindful Dreaming with Rubin Naimain

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